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Emily's Christmas Carol

In Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol Deluxe, Emily and the family set out on a trip up north to a cute little cottage for the holidays. It turns out their train ride may follow the tracks to new friends and unexpected adventure... So bake a big batch of cookies, and settle in with a hot drink to warm up your Christmas spirit in Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol Deluxe!

Walnut Cookies

What do you need to cook Walnut Cookies? For example, our answer might be "Just this game". Follow the instructions orderly, put the ingredients, mix them, cook them and bake the most delicious walnut cookies.

Fish Cakes

You may not have cooked fish croquettes before. But don't worry though, this time you'll be dealing with the easiest kind. You'll even learn to make the best ones. All ingredients will be provided from the house above. Don't forget that fish stinks, you should cook them all outside for everyone's sake!

Food Hunter

Hey Food Hunter! Can you be the best and fastest? At what, I hear you asking. Well at hunting food of course! Match the matching food and collect them! The more you match the better! Be careful hunter, you mght get really hungry looking at these beautifully drawn sweets.

Sweet Evolution

his sweet, sugary idle game will steal your heart away! And probably give you a BIG appetite instead! Chef Monroe wants all of this candy upgraded so get to work! Click on the candies, mix them together and click on them some more! The more you click the more you win!


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